To tell you the truth, I wasn"t all that interested which is why I didn’t spend a lot of time photo hunting beyond Getty. Mostly because I was too busy celebrating Chinese New Year but also because I"m obsessed with my new book, Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. Not only is it about high school but it"s about PRIVATE high school which for a former private school girl like myself who is really 17 stuck in a 32 year old"s body means that reading it is like reliving my teens all over again. But I digress. About the SAGs. If you didn"t watch, you didn"t miss much. Jake played nice for a 2nd evening in a row, Reese and Ryan toned down the PDA, Jamie Lee Curtis almost wiped out on stage but recovered quite gracefully, Dakota Fanning is scarier than sh*t, and Ellen Pompeo is probably 2 weeks from death. Here are a few fashion highlights and lowlights. Enjoy.