Devil Wears Prada Winners

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 11, 2006 12:00:00 December 11, 2006 12:00:00
As mentioned earlier, email is wonky – some subscribers received the message with riddle clues, some haven’t. Will attempt to resend but in the meantime, here are the list of winners from last week’s Devil Wears Prada DVD and bag giveaway. Prizes will be mailed out on Wednesday. And remember – the DVD comes out tomorrow! DVD winner: Holly R from Tweed, ON for actually comparing Victoria Beckham’s concrete tits to McDonald’s hamburgers…hee: “I love that she actually expects people to believe that she is 100% natural. It"s kind of in the same way that McDonald"s hamburgers have a little logo on them that says "100% Beef"? Yeah, well my X used to work there and it turns out that that is actually the name of the company that supplies them with the beef. It"s not 100% anything at all. Well, the way I feel about Posh is the same. Who is she fooling? No one is that thin with those rock hard honkers.” DVD winner: Mary L from NYC for drafting the perfect description of JLo’s style savvy: “Who else could date, wed, divorce, and re-marry like it"s all one big continuous Spring/Fall collection that she"s just breezing through?” DVD Winner: Matthew L from Canada for representing the gay vote and illustrating Gay Man Narcissism so adorably (big kiss honey!): “As a man, a gay man, a devout reader, I do believe that a man can appreciate a woman"s bag and in many cases appreciate it more then a woman can. Why? you ask. Well, as a main gay to many female friends I can be the key person in keeping them (from) going out looking like Jess and THAT is why I would need the bag, so I can pull it out to complete the perfect outfit…My Icon is none other then David Beckham. David and I have similar texture and colour of hair (and) he has provided countless dues for inspiration for me to bring along to the salon (not to copy, but to work from).” That last part is my favourite, by the way – “not to copy but to work from”…only a gay man would cut out a photo of Becks and bring it to his stylist as a “starting point”. Love, love, love. DVD Winner: Alisha B from Burlington, ON for advocating so beautifully on behalf of the Hermy. Rumoured hermaphrodites can be style icons too! “I could mention the overplayed Sienna or Jennifer, but my style choice by far is....Jamie Lee Curtis. I know, I know....she"s not very "today", and only pops up every once in a while, but as a girl with a way-less-than-perfect-size-10 shape I can appreciate her knowledge of her shape.” DVD Winner Honourable Mention: Ryan M from Medicine Hat, AB for the most cracked response, like, ever. In all fairness to Ryan though, he readily admits to being “whipped” and because he doesn’t want to lose his girlfriend, who threatened him with break up, he gamely did what he previously thought he’d never do for a woman: “Eddie Van Halen. Alcoholic rockstar marries T.V princess Valerie Bertinelli, divorces her many years later, becomes an even bigger alcoholic. Somehow his guitarplaying remains invincible. And he"s due for a big comeback. Let me tell you 2007 is the year of Eddie Van Halen. And his fashion sense, nobody pulls off drunk homeless man like eddie. Not even johnny depp!! All of these celebrities trying to pull of the dress down look, Eddie"s been doing it genuinely for years. This is the guy the movie stars want to be, except drunker.” See what I mean? Cracked.Out. But gossips… How could I help but not reward Ryan’s romantic overture? Sorry Ryan, I can’t give you the bag but I hope she’ll settle for a DVD and I hope this public mention saves your relationship. DVD AND BAG Winner: Alisha J from Fairfield, Iowa for actually CREATING HER OWN BLOG, complete with photos and analysis in support of her entry and her style icon Cate Blanchett. Click here for Alisha’s winning entry, congratulations to all, and most importantly my heartfelt THANKS to everyone who participated! Another great contest coming tomorrow!

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