Before you jump to conclusions, Cam is NOT cheating on JT and Cam is NOT hooking up with Tommy Lee, although they partied together in LA on Saturday night at Forty Deuce - a burlesque bar with some pretty crazy ass dancers. Cameron was flying solo that eve and Tommy was there as well, naturally they held court in VIP, and at one point, she displayed a few of her own tricks, reaching one of her long legs over her head, inspiring Tommy to do the same. Tommy, by the way, was completely in his element, horndog for life, a star among the working girls, but with some super cheese moves. According to a fellow club crawler "He kept licking his finger and touching them doing the “you"re too hot, sizzle sizzle" thing - only, like, the lamest trick ever. Anyway, back to Cam - my spies said she is F.I.T. and proud of it, repeatedly showing off her rock hard abs to her girlfriends and to Tommy too. These are the same sources who saw her about six months ago at Leonore"s in Studio City wearing jeans with a love handle overhang that isn"t supposed to exist in Hollywood. Not surprisingly, she got rid of those little problems fast and hard because as we all know, Cam and JT made their annual summer pilgrimage to Hawaii last week and girl was as tight and as toned as she's ever been. Photos from Gossip Rocks