On the heels of the nomination announcements last week, Oscar campaigns are officially before us. So I hope you haven"t made your picks yet because right now, it"s about waiting and assessing. Much has been written about the fact that Brokeback is far from a lock. And given the fact that Crash just took top prize at the Writers" Guild event this weekend, I"d say Brokeback better look out. You remember what happened in 1998, don"t you? Saving Private Ryan was a juggernaut. As good as gold, especially since Spielberg was involved. And then the Weinsteins came along, running a perfect bid for Shakespeare in Love that resulted in one of the most surprise wins in recent history. Could Crash spoil Ang Lee"s gay par-tay? Stay tuned, gossips. Stay vigilant. The same goes for Felicity Huffman, who is starting to grate on my last nerve. If I hear her tell us that she didn"t work for "2 years straight" one more time, I think I"m going to get a perm. Here"s her reaction upon being informed of the nomination: "It"s just the top. I"ve only had two dreams in my life – to marry Bill Macy and to win an Academy Award, something I gave up on after I didn"t work for two years straight. I feel pretty swell." Then again, I suppose I shouldn"t be so hard on her. After all, it"s going to take more than a little uglification and a gender bender to bring down The Mighty Reese, who is very capably filling the void for all those fantasy dwellers who thought Brad and Jen would last forever. It"s an illusion made to last. At least til Oscar time.