Why did Romo walk out on Porny?

According to Radar John Mayer’s been f-cking around again.

Word is everything between Jessica Simpson and QB1 was great…until last Thursday when he found out that Douchebag was still texting her. She was all cagey about the messages and when he finally read them, he lost his sh-t and told her to beat it.

Oh John Mayer. Even when he’s not peeing on a girl, he’s still actually peeing on her.

Truth or bullsh-t?

John is single now. He’s bored. And there’s nothing like messing with an ex to boost the ego. It’s not like he really wants her back…he just wants to know that he could have her back. I won’t lie. I’ve done this before. With disastrous results.

There’s nothing that increases the size of a man’s penis more than when he can lord it over another dude’s. If this account is to be believed, then Tony dumped Porny because John Mayer slapped him in the face with this dick.

PS. John’s shameface when he was with her never, ever fails to make me laugh.

File photos from Flynetonline.com and Splashnewsonline.com