The second to last Fitness Takeaway for 2015 is:

Set Goals and Make a Plan

Because you can’t have one without the other, and without either you will lack direction going forward. Spend these last few days of 2015 reflecting on your year, things you are proud of and things you wish you would have done better. Rejoice on the proud moments, but spend some time asking yourself how you could have done better and then create the plan to make that happen in 2016.

Maybe you were hoping to drop a few more pounds this past year but were unsuccessful. Rather than be upset about not reaching your goal, learn from your mistakes going into 2016 and create a new plan for success.

If you set a physical goal that you were unable to accomplish, perhaps the goal was not realistic for you last year. Maybe this coming year you’ll be ready or your life will be more conducive to focusing on your desired achievement or perhaps your life hasn’t changed and you need to adjust your goal. Either way, sit down and create a different path to your success.

Most important, forget about resolutions because they don’t work. Don’t waste your time even thinking about them. What I do each year, along with my goal setting, is I create a theme for how I want to live my life going forward and each day I strive to meet that it. Some years my theme has been about spontaneity, sometimes it is about focus, sometimes it is about joy and some years it is about not trying to do it all. This year my theme is to live in the moment, which will then trickle into each and every one of my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Tip number 9 on how to survive the holiday season is pack a snack with you in your bag. A piece of fruit, some nuts or a larabar are all good options to have readily available when you are out fighting the crowds as you finish your last minute Christmas shopping or while you are running from one family member’s house to the next. Having a healthy snack option within arm’s reach will prevent you from grabbing something on the go and save you those extra calories, which I’m sure you can put to good use later in a glass of wine by the fire.  

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Attached: Irina Shayk stops by a gym for a workout in Los Angeles, California on December 21, 2015.