Number 3 on my list of the Top 10 Fitness Takeaways for 2015 is:

Forget the Past and Look to the Future.

We need to stop trying to be someone we used to be and instead grow into something we want to become. 

If you are a new mom and your goal is to get your pre baby body back you need to appreciate the body you now have, a body that nurtured a single cell until it grew into a beautiful baby and a body that continues to care for and nurture what was once a part of you. Learn to become a strong woman who not only takes care and loves her new baby, but also takes care and loves herself.   

If you are struggling to recover from an injury and run (or do whatever activity you love to do at the same level you used to), forget about where you once were and focus on small steps to move forward into becoming a new athlete. You will become an athlete who is just as good, if not better, than the athlete you used to be because of the strength, perseverance and determination you had to execute through your journey forward.

We weren’t put here on this planet to move backwards so keep yourself moving forward and focus on who you are and who you will be, not who you once were.

Tip number 8 on how to survive the holidays is keep exercising! Just because your routine changes slightly and you have a few days off to spend with your family, it does not mean you get to skip your workouts. The workouts don’t have to be long, but over these next few days (the most dangerous days of the holidays) set a goal of a minimum of 20 minutes each day of exercise. No one is going to miss you if you sneak away quickly for a run, walk or workout. Better yet, make it a family affair and get outside together and explore the lights and Christmas festivities that are in your neighborhood.  

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Attached: Kirsten Dunst plays tennis with a friend in LA on December 21st.