Number 4 on my Top 10 Fitness Takeaways for 2015 is:

You will NEVER find time so you must MAKE time. 

We all only have 24 hours in each day to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, and as good as our intentions can be to fit in a workout or prepare a healthy meal, healthy tasks are commonly pushed aside.

Before we enter 2016, sit down and realistically look at your daily requirements and figure out how to rearrange your priorities. Maybe you set your alarms 20 minutes early each morning and get up and do a quick workout before tackling the rest of the day’s demands. Or once you have dropped your kids off at school you, and a few other moms, meet for a brisk walk with some lunges and push-ups in the park. Maybe you get in the habit of packing your workout gear the night before and before you head home after a day at the office you head to the gym for 20 minutes of cardio. Perhaps each night before bed, you take 10 minutes away from relaxing on the couch and you spend it preparing tomorrow’s lunch and snacks.

Set realistic expectations, which will set you up for success. Perhaps this isn’t the year you run a marathon but maybe this is the year you start to be consistent with healthy habits. Schedule your health into your day just like you schedule meetings, kid drop-offs and pickups and visits with friends. If you do not get into the habit of making your health a habit, you will never find time to make yourself a priority.

Tip number 7 on how to survive the holiday season is how to survive the dreaded hangover. Yes, they are bound to happen this season, it’s inevitable. I myself am writing this after one too many cocktails last night while celebrating Christmas with my best friend and her family. But do not let hangovers drag you down. The worst thing you can do is lie around on the couch all day, watching Netflix and eating junk food. As soon as you wake up start hydrating. My go-to is always Gatorade but if you want something more natural mix up some lemon and some salt into your water and chug it back. Have a banana, get some exercise and you will be feeling better before you know it. 

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