Number 6 on my list of Top 10 Fitness Takeaways of 2015 is:

You need to keep upping the challenge.

In my experience one of the main reasons why people stop exercising is because they have become bored with what they are currently doing. They are no longer feeling excited or challenged and it becomes easier, each day, to not give their all in a workout or to simply skip it. We all have our favourite activities that we look forward to week after week, but make sure you are always finding new ways to make your activities harder. 

If you are someone who likes to lift weights, find ways to make your exercises more difficult, such as adding in an element of core or balance into the movement. If you are a class-goer, maybe you focus on keeping your heart rate at a higher level for the duration of the class or you attend a class that is known to be tougher than the one you are used too. If you are an athlete that enjoys completing a race or two each year, up the distance of the race, or set a faster time goal. This will trickle down to a daily increase in your workout intensities.

If you are looking for weight loss, throughout your weight loss journey you must continue to up the ante. As the numbers on the scale drop, you must increase how hard you are working to ensure the scale continues to drop. You’ll have to continue to modify your diet and you are going to have to work harder at the gym. If you have been stuck at a weight and frustrated with why you can’t seem to lose more weight, up your challenge. I guarantee that scale will start to move again.

Tip number 5 on how to survive this holiday season is stay away from the dips. Dips are everywhere over the holiday season and we think because we are enjoying them with a small piece of celery or a healthy cracker it is ok. STOP! They are loaded with fat and calories and you do not need them. If you must indulge in your favourite dip, place 1 or 2 tablespoons on your plate with a couple crackers or vegetables and then step away.  

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