Number 7 on my list of 2015 Fitness Takeaways is:

Invest in some cute workout clothes, especially a pair of hot, wild tights. 

It seems so simple, but investing in a few pieces of workout clothing that make you feel good will absolutely improve your workouts. Just think about it: you are going to go squat and lunge and plank and run and burpee and sweat in a room that is full of mirrors. We all know how unflattering doing all of those things are. If you are wearing clothing that you feel frumpy in, or that make you feel unfit or insecure, you might not perform at your best. I know this from experience and I always feel better when I am in workout clothes that are comfortable, functional and flattering.

You do not have to spend a lot on your clothing as there are many low and high price point options to meet all budgets. I tend to go for the higher end pieces because I wear them so often and I need to them to last, but you can get away with less expensive pieces as long as you take care of them. Get rid of your baggy cotton t-shirts and sweat pants in exchange for a pair of fitted tights (most are made now to suck you in where you most need it) and some colourful tops. You’ll be amazed at how much fun a burpee can become in an outfit that makes you feel strong and beautiful.

Here is tip number 4 for surviving the holiday season: stay away from the office treats. There is no need for you to indulge in them just because they are there. One of my rules is to make the wrong choice at the right time. A sugar cookie or piece of shortbread at work is not worth it and it is not the right time to consume empty calories. It is the wrong choice at the wrong time. Save those indulgences for your family holiday dinners or Christmas brunches with your besties. It may seem like a little bit at the time, but each extra treat you allow yourself will equate to one extra mile on the treadmill. Not worth it.  

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Attached: Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are spotted running at Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain on December 14, 2015.