We had Tori Kelly as a guest on The Social at Disneyland a few weeks ago.


She was super sweet. And she’d just come off her big performance at the Billboard Music Awards. Last night was another one. It was Tori who kicked off the Smokey Robinson tribute with Who’s Loving You… not exactly an easy song. Were you impressed? How could you not be impressed? She hit every note.

I was just texting about Tori Kelly to Duana the other day because she texted me an article she was into about how curly hair has gone into hiding. It’s the one part of himself that Justin Timberlake doesn’t celebrate. There was a time when curly hair was prime time. When Julia Roberts was pretty woman. When Mimi came with Vision Of Love. Before Nicole Kidman started messing with her face. Remember that?

Then, for some reason, as noted in this piece, curly hair became …unstylish? Ringlets were no longer welcome on a red carpet. The writer is crusading for its comeback. Duana, who has curly hair, and tames it several times a week with a special hairdryer – I’ve watched this process a hundred times – doesn’t necessarily agree, but as a person with curly hair, reading the post gave her some feelings. Do you have curly hair? Do you have the same feelings?

Anyway, I told Duana about Tori Kelly. About how she’s representing curly hair right now. Like in a total throwback way too – side part, teased up at the temple. How long before someone tells her she has to stretch them out into waves?