Well well. Curious state of affairs, non? First the official split from Chad Lowe, then the vicious Vanity Fair article in which she reprehensibly outs his addiction, now word that she"s hooking up with her agent, some dude by the name of John, also in the midst of a messy separation, and a child involved no less? How very Spelling of her, don"t you think? Here"s the photo and while speculation runs rampant right now, it"s hard not to assume the worst, especially since - as reported by Us Weekly - Mr Campisi has yet to file for divorce. Do you smell what I smell? Are your smutty senses tingling? Is this an explanation for the "strike first" approach in that interview? Hmmm…let"s see. I"ve fallen in love with my rep, who also happens to be married, and I really don"t want to get myself involved in another Tori/Kfed Jr situation, so why not bring up that little sustance abuse thing? Why not pull a pre-emptive PR card just to lay groundwork, soften things up until I can go public with my new romance? Clever, clever, and yes, certainly just my interpretation of things but you know my mantra, right? There are no coincidences in Hollywood. Not that this is at all surprising. If you know anything at all about recovery, about addiction, about what it takes to get beyond the sickness, you"ll know that disclosure is an extremely private affair. That"s why they call it Alcholics Anonymous, dumb ass! And quite often, one of the key steps in owning your problem is owning it on your own terms, talking about it on your own terms. What she did and what she revealed is unforgivable and coming from Covenant House Vancouver, working with those who work with kids affected very seriously by crystal meth and heroin and cocaine and every other poison under the sun, her approach was not only highly unorthodox, not to mention unsanctioned, it was also a complete betrayal of trust. Which brings us back to the new man. Trust, integrity, Hilary - you pick the odd word out. Just rumour? Just gossip? Ssure, sure…it could all just be that at this point. But we"re not dealing with a spot-free track here, are we? Source Oh..and PS - in anticipation of the requisite "we"re just good friends" excuse? Tell me - unless she"s his faghag, what kind of friendship are we talking about here?