People is apparently devoting weekly updates on Tori Spelling’s pregnancy. Between the utterly tasteless yardsale and the “Reproposal” and now her gushing ad nauseum about her body and her how it’s changing for her child, the magazine is clearly reporting from inside her ass, probably eager to land the exclusive opportunity to actually be INSIDE the delivery room when it happens. And then there’s Junior. Junior who used to be a nobody, who is now a somebody, supplying his wife with a never-empty glass of love and Rossum. Read this, dare you not to vomit: Tori: "Every night when I walk by my mirror I just stare at my belly and I"m so impressed by it. You always wonder what you"ll look like when you"re pregnant and it looks good. I like being pregnant." Junior: "She looks so sexy naked." It just never f*cking stops… Check out the First Couple of Rossum out and about the other day, she looking rather cute, he contaminating the Edmonton Oilers, my heartfelt sympathy to the city of Edmonton for the flagrant foul. Source