After a brief attempt at freedom, it looks like Justin couldn"t quite cut the cord. And although I was right there, jumping up and down on the break up bandwagon along with every other gossip last week, you will recall the cautionary words of my source on June 23rd: "I did speak to one lone smuthound who thinks there may be a chance for reconciliation, especially since Justin has become painfully insecure. The pressure of a new record, the failure of his film endeavours, few people have been as confident in his abilities as his hermaphrodite. And sometimes, in a moment of weakness, we all go running to the things that give us comfort, non?" Here are JT and his clingy Cam on their way to London for his new video shoot, a song called Sexyback which is one of those words that drives me crazy because you never know whether to put the emphasis on "sexy" or on "back" and for someone as neurotic as I am, that kind of preoccuption is an hour long process. Oh and one more thing: is it just me or is she looking WAY less testosteronish these days? Almost cute, in fact. Then again, this isn"t exactly a close up. But still…remember Cam in May? Freshfaced and feminine? Are we losing our favourite hermaphrodite??? If so, I have to tell you I"m not too sad about it. Next to Tori Spelling, everyone"s an angel, you know what I mean? Photo Source