Ask Jennifer Aniston. Because there is NOTHING worse than being pitied. To have people feel sorry for you, to have people look upon you as charity, to be stripped of dignity – nothing makes you feel smaller…and oh clever Karma, this is what has happened to Tori Spelling! Hee! Desperate to sell off every aspect of their lives, desperate to pimp out every piece of their privacy, Tori and KFed Jr reportedly accepted Tupperware’s offer to host the baby shower. Only when her “fans” found out, they started shopping for luxury items on her online gift registry at Petit Tresor, DONATING their hard earned dollars to the pitiful, destitute LOSER she’s become…accompanied by notes of course. Have a read and laugh your ass off: "Dear Tori, I felt so bad for you when I read that Tupperware was giving you your shower and not your mother, so here is a little something for your new bundle of joy!" …tha f&CK??? First of bereft of a life do you have to be to send gifts to Tori Spelling??? And second … can you imagine? Aaron Spelling’s daughter, growing up in luxury, taking charity from her fans??? Joy, joy, there is a Goddess. TMZ