As we all know, KFed Jr needs to get paid. Because Junior considers himself a victim of false advertising. And can you blame him? He thought he left his wife for an heiress, he thought he’d be living in the lap of luxury, he thought he’d have his very own production company by now…with the power to greenlight his own projects. Instead, poor Junior actually had to go to work. Hard at work. Working for the reality tv show. Working to get that B&B up and running. Working on carrying his wife’s purse around, working on giving interviews during which he stretches his limited acting abilities as far as they can go, trying to convince the world that he actually believes his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. And now working like the rest of us – packing, storing, labeling, organizing the Weekend Yard Sale, eager for any scraps no matter how they’re procured, whether it’s hawking her clothes on eBay or bargaining her furniture off on the block, Junior clearly put his foot down and told his bitch to get him some cash stat. So here you go… a selection of real finds from Tori’s personal collection, including a cheesy ass portrait and an autographed page from Page Six – ironically an article written about her staggette, just before her first wedding to the man she ditched as soon as someone else’s husband came along. Seriously though…look at that furniture. I know it’s a matter of taste but hers is the sh-ts, man. Girl lives like a geriatric bird collector…is this what the Spelling mansion looks like? Thanks Lisa!