You thought Tori Spelling and Tara Reid, even Paris Hilton, but not surprisingly, no one guessed Kate Moss. Model perfection is so deceiving, non? And look - I’d trade my lumpy butt and every other body part for every one of hers any day, but still…it’s a little different without the airbrush/photoshoppe artistry, isn’t it? Even for arguably the most successful supermodel of all time, even she has what you have, even she has the folds and the dimples and the gravity-affected arse…just probably in a smaller package. Makes me love her more than ever. So here she is sunning freely in Thailand without Pete Doherty who I’m told has already returned to the UK. Word is Kate is scheduled to stay for another week or so before flying back for the rumoured official wedding on January 18th. And while her rep insists they didn’t get married, my sources hear from locals that there was indeed a Buddhist marriage blessing – not legally recognized or financially binding to be sure but on a spiritual level, Pete and Kate are Man, Junkie, and Wife. Ah-Lotus. Oh and indulge me for a moment here, would you? Once upon a time, THIS is what once was. I grieve. Thailand photos from Flynet for use exclusively at