So I still think she tries waaaay, way to hard and that irritating baby breathy voice grates on my last frickin" nerve and please don’t undermine Patricia Field by insisting that horse face witch boil is a style icon all by herself … but you know what? Maybe it"s because I"ve only a limited amount of hate juice, maybe it"s because I"ve used it all on Tori Spelling. Whatever the reason, Sarah Jessica Parker seems to be inching her way off my Fraud List these days and I"m not really fightin" it. It also doesn"t hurt that I"ve just heard she"s a lovely, lovely neighbour - rakes her own leaves, knows everyone"s name, is polite and gracious and... well... having good manners should always be rewarded and doesn"t that merit a migration on the spectrum from "hate" to "not hate as much"? Did I mention I"m pro-love??? Here"s SJP with her son, a virtual carbon copy of his dandy father, out for a spin around the block. I love that dress. Wonder if I"d look stupid walking my dog in that dress. Let me give it a try tomorrow. Will let you know. Photos from Gossip Rocks