So I was in line at the supermarket the other day, flipping through my bible Us Weekly, when I happened upon their poll section, asking people if they thought Tori had been "cheated" out of her inheritance. A whopping 80% of respondents sided with Aaron Spelling"s neglectful daughter. Oh really??? Hmmmm...I call bullsh*t. You? I mean seriously, what is UP with Janice Min"s blatant pro-Tori campaigning? Suspect surveys, suspect sources offering commentary on "how sad Aaron would be if he knew Tori was being cut out this way", suspect information being leaked about Candy and her suspect relationships with suspect men and meanwhile, absolutely NOTHING on what exactly kept Tori from tending to an 83 year old father who suffered a stroke??? Do you smell what I smell? By contrast, my spies are reporting something entirely different. As I hear it, many of Aaron"s old cronies, colleagues, old Hollywood players - many are appalled by Tori"s atrocities, insisting instead that "Aaron would"ve been so hurt had he realized Tori was not there at the end, and if he"d been able to understand that she had five days to make it to him and didn"t, it would"ve killed him." These lifelong allies are now so angry at her betrayal that they have started a campaign of their own, gently leaning on industry contacts, putting in a word here, a word there, a subtle but distinct message that Tori"s career is not to be supported. Apparently, the whispers have now reached influential casting directors who are now discouraging those in their own network from furthering poor little rich girl"s fledgling career. It"s a familiar Hollywood formula: No talent + blackball = no career, no money, and perhaps no Kfed Jr? Like I said, gossips: Karma is the baddest bitch of them all.