Rarrrrh… as Chazz Michael Michaels would say – Me Likey.

Gotta tell you, much as I worship Janice Min, her deal with Tori Spelling and that “exclusive” baby photo cover was terribly ill timed. Tori and Junior over the hotness heating up between Reese and Jake?


And that’s why this issue is a week late. But still, juicy all the same.

According to the magazine, Reese did the chasing. After a few years of housewife frump, she wanted to get back in touch with her inner sexy and Jake is the perfect candidate.

I know…You’re rolling your eyes. Me too. But admit it, it’s fun. Once in a while it’s fun to pretend we’re the MiniVan Majority and eat this sh-t up whole.

So let Ryan Phillippe goose around with loser two bit waitresses all he wants.

And let’s buy Reese and Jake for a little while, shall we? Makes for a fun summer.