Doesn"t look like the Us Weekly article did her any favours, does it? Because just a week after her father"s passing, Tori is now being criticised for spending time at the pool with a new brunette "do and a surprisingly ample bottom. I have no issues with the fact that she"s hanging out in her bikini when she should be mourning. People mourn in different ways. Compared to the fact that she neglected her father during his last days and decided to drag her mother"s name in the dirt to save her own, I"d say sunbathing really is the least of her transgressions. Besides, I think we need to say thank you to Tori for this lovely outing, if for no other reason than providing us with our daily pick-me-up. Because if someone this rich and this connected and this skinny still has a bit of cellie floating about on the backs of her thighs, what hope do the rest of us have? So enjoy those carbs, savour that greasy burger, delight in each and every one of those fries, and do not hesitate to battle the heat with as many ice cold lagers as you can. I know I did. And I know I loved every minute. Photos from Saving Face