Just what I needed on a day like today. Having a stylist dress you is a truly amazing experience. Thank you Jessa! But I nearly lost my neurotic mind over having to squeeze into a gorgeous designer gown. It also doesn’t help when you hang out at eTalk all day and get to watch the impossibly beautiful – and thin in a good way – Tanya Kim go back and forth with her wavy hair and her flawless skin. Sigh. So imagine my relief when I came home, signed on, and was greeted by the sight of an unsightly Tori Spelling at the launch of her new show NoTORIous. Thank Goddess for mutant celebrities, y’all. Thank Goddess. Because the breasts alone were enough to lift my spirits. And once again, I have another reason to admire and appreciate the genius golddigging abilities of Dean McDermott. That man must have the strongest gag flex control of anyone on this planet. A man who can keep from vomiting this often and this well certainly deserves my respect.