Aaron Spelling suffered a stroke on Sunday, the same day Tori Spelling attended the MMVAs with Dean McDermott and decided to attack his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace. Most of you already know about how Tori had Mary Jo removed from the event. You also know about her getting up on stage and publicly insulting the woman she stole from. But did you know that she gave an interview later on during which she basically said Mary Jo can’t carry her own babies anymore and since she’s younger and therefore more fertile, Dean is much better off where he is now?!?!?! Did Tori Spelling just top your “Biggest, dirtiest C-BOMBS in the world” List? Woman to woman, womb to womb, saying something like that ranks as an all time hideous, unforgivable offense - right up there with manstealing (which she’s already guilty of) and deliberately wearing the same outfit to the same place just because you know you look better which, as we all know, is impossible for Tori because with the exception of that disgusting drugged out mutt Donatella Versace, Tori Spelling doesn’t look better than anyone. But I digress. The point is – bitch was asking for the wrath of the Goddess. And unfortunately for her father, she got it. Now here’s where it gets interesting. None of this is confirmed and I haven’t been able to chase down 2 more corroborating sources but I’ve heard from one relatively new spy that Tori is currently on the outs with Daddy. So here’s the speculation: What if, as a result of this recent brush with mortality and possible concern over the true intentions of his new son in law, what if Daddy decides to rewrite a certain document? What if Daddy decides to limit who gets what? What if Tori’s piece of pie gets smaller? We ARE talking about the man who produced Dynasty, you know. A man who understands drama and the power of manipulation. What would Tori do then? Like I said, all hearsay, FAR from being lock solid and reliable, take it with several grains of salt…but still, stranger things have happened. And you have to think this f&cking miserable piece of sh*t is primed and oiled for the karma asskicking of a life time. At least I hope so.