Today’s LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian Movie of the Week on set affair reminded Michelle about another MOW romance…

What is it with the cheese tv weekly movie? Breeding ground for infidelity?

Tori Spelling and Kevin Federline Jr met on the set of some sh-t called Mind Over Murder. They were both married to other people at the time…just like LeAnn and Eddie. Eddie has two kids. KFed Jr also had 2 children at the time. A son called Jack and a daughter he had just adopted with then-wife Mary Jo Eustace and he immediately turned his back on that little by baby when that hag came along and he realised he could cash in.

Like it’s not bad enough already…

It has to happen on set of a MOVIE OF THE WEEK???

F-ckin’ love it.

Anyway, here are KFed Jr and his wife at Katsuya the other night looking extremely pleased about being papped. KFed Jr has been in Calgary shooting – you know it! – a Movie of the Week with Jenny McCarthy. Because he’s trying to resurrect his “acting” career. Don’t hurt yourself laughing your ass off.

Photos from JCalderon/