If I’m, say, Miss Zahara Jolie-Pitt, and I see naked photos of my parents all over the house, really, there’s really not all that much to complain about. Same goes for Nahla Aubry. Definitely Nahla Aubry.

But what if your parents are Tori Spelling and Kevin Federline Junior? Would you walk around the house blindfolded? I would. And this is how those kids will grow up. Because Tori and Jr are putting up nudie pictures of themselves in the bathroom – one of him taking a handful of her breasts from behind, and another where she appears to be spreading her ass cheeks for the camera.

F-ck that is some sick sh-t.

If you really want to see it, click here.

Clearly I’m in the minority though. Because for some reason, these two bitches just got their show renewed for a 5th season. Which means enough people are watching. Who is watching??? MiniVan Majority rules the airwaves.

Here they are at some event last night in New York torturing puppies.

Photos from Wenn.com