For some reason, some publishing company thinks that people will buy a Tori Spelling book about her life. It’s a mystery how they came to this conclusion since “Her sTori” can be summed up as follows:

- famous dad + nepotism = 90210
- B List forever
- Homewrecker
- Famewhore
- Father ignorer 
- Golddigger husband
- 2 kids
- The end

Still…there are fools in this world. And if a sweet young thing can marry Tom Cruise, I suppose anything is possible. 

So here they are – Tori trotting out KFed Jr and their baby boy at the book launch. Tori looks less unfortunate than usual. Babies are indeed miracles. Or maybe it’s because new photos of Donatella Versace were recently released and in that horrid wake, everything takes on a new perspective. 

Check out Tori pimping that bump like it’s some kind of Shiloh.

Speaking of Shiloh, these two are also trying to bite the babyhawk. Because they can totally, totally, totally rock the Gwen Gavin Brad Angelina groove, right? 

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