Dear Calgary,

I love you. I love the people. I love the spirit. I bleed Maple Leaf blue & white but I ADORE your Jarome Iginla.

So this message then is out of love.

Calgary – are you so hard up for celebrities, even the pseudo ones, that you’d lower yourselves to broadcasting a golddigger and the mutt he married for the sake of saying there was a star in your building?

Come on Calgary… you are better than that.

Last night at the Flames game, Tori Spelling and her husband Kevin Federline Jr were in the house being interviewed by game presenters. He’s in town for some kind of “Santa” tv movie starring Jenny McCarthy. Tori was playing the part of “supportive wife”, told the audience she was “proud” of her husband for …


No one knows.

According to several of you who’ve emailed me this morning, most of the people there were 1. Frightened by her face. Like seriously, she’s even more mangled and sh-t with her face on a jumbotron and 2. Totally unaware about who he was. According to Stacey L, everyone around her was like “Who the hell are those two?”
Indeed. Who?

KFed Jr, that’s who!

If you want to make up for it Cowtown, call him by his name. When you see him, call him KFed Jr! He’ll love it!

Oh … and make sure to get it on video too. I want to see!

PS. Am told that Junior craves privacy so badly – because he’s so famous, you know? – that he’s going by an alias at the hotel.

His alias is:

Cash Vega

Bitch… please!

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