Try not to Rossum.

Tori Spelling and that piece of sh*t she married, Kevin Federline Jr, decided they haven’t been getting enough attention lately, so yesterday, the two ran into some paps to get their picture taken. Just to make sure we know how desperate they are, Junior also leaned in for a kiss.


Of course it’s only been weeks since their daughter Stella was born. Stella, you will recall, is Junior’s pride and joy. His “baby girl”.

But not his first baby girl.

Shockingly, since I posted that article about his abandonment of Lola not one Spelling superfan has stepped up to defend them.

Not even a…”but maybe” this or “perhaps” that.

Total radio silence.

Because a man who walks out on his child after promising that child to love her forever is truly, truly indefensible. Even for the superfreaks.

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