Friday Night Lights, one of the most acclaimed shows on television with focus on great writing, acting, centred on family values, community support, and featuring strong, complicated, intelligent women has to get down on its knees and beg for renewal every f-cking year.

Meanwhile, the Oxygen Network, with its female-focused programming, has just signed Tori Spelling and her golddigging husband Kevin Federline Jr to a multiyear development deal that includes another season of their reality show, a romantic movie of the week with the two of them in leading roles, and a makeover show that will have Tori and Junior dispensing advice to achieve inner and outer beauty…

It’s just so wonderful that so many women out there can relate to Tori Spelling and what she stands for:

- Cheating
- Child abandonment
- Plastic surgery
- Eating disorders and
- Child pimping

The To-Do List for the modern woman. Bravo.

Photos attached of Tori making the talk show rounds this morning and last night with Junior at some event. You’d think they could afford to buy him a decent jacket?

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