The 90210 comeback could have been a whole lot uglier. Thankfully for us, Tori Spelling has to feed her goldigging prick of a husband. As such, she won’t be appearing on the first episode.

The official excuse was that she would be too busy with KFed Jr’s second paycheque. The truth is that Jr probably made her ask for too much money. Apparently when Tori found out how much Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty were getting paid, she demanded equal compensation.

Donna Martin = Kelly and Brenda??? Bitch, PLEASE. wonder they told her to beat it. Clearly Junior is a f&cking idiot.
Don’t give a sh*t how many morons are stupid enough to watch her on Oxygen. Remember, these are the losers who sell their autographs for $20 a pop at airport hotels.

And now they’re making salary demands?

Junior, sit the f&ck DOWN.

Here they are, “shopping” in Malibu this weekend when they conveniently ran into photographers. Tori, fortunately, had on a full face of makeup.

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