Tori Spelling was in New York City last night promoting her new book. She keeps coming out with new books. Who the f-ck is reading these books? Who the f-ck is lining up for signed copies of these books? Why the f-ck aren't they reading good books? I hate people.

Anyway, as you can see, the woman who married KFed Jr has been looking extra emaciated lately. She claims that she had swine flu and since then her stomach hasn't been the same. It's not that I don't buy it. It's just that it's also super convenient that she's getting all kinds of attention for it. And it wasn't like she wasn't grossly skinny before.

A grossly underweight Tori Spelling is torture for us all. Because the combination of her bones and whatever that is sitting on top of her shoulders...well, you know. What do you call a Karma Face that's getting additionally karma faced?

Mrs Kevin Federline Jr.

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