Who think of Tori Spelling as an icon. And I know lots of gays. Not one of them – NOT ONE – can bear Tori Spelling.

You know why?

Because gays like pretty things. And schmaltzy singers. As you well know, Tori Spelling is not pretty. Nor is she a schmaltzy singer. But according to DListed.com still this f&cking moron insists that homos are her fans:

"I"m a huge fan of gays. They love me; I love them. They consider me kind of a gay icon, which they"ve labeled me as."

Who exactly are these gays??? Is she confusing gays with golddiggers? Because it’s golddiggers who have hard-ons for Tori Spelling. Definitely not gays.

Ironically enough, you know who the gays do like? They like Mary Jo Eustace, KFed Jr’s ex wife. The one he left when he realised he could scam the Spelling fortune. Mary Jo Eustace hosts a morning radio program in Toronto on the city’s gay radio station. Mary Jo Eustace is gay friendly. Tori Spelling is simply gay delusional.

Here she is with that loser piece of sh&t she married at the park last week enjoying some “family time” when all of a sudden, the paps decided they had nothing better to do but hang out there too. You’ll note, Junior’s acting abilities really are underrated. Very much admire how he managed to swallow back his vomit and his revulsion when kissing her. Then again…the cameras were rolling.

And Junior is nothing if not desperate.

Photos from Wenn.com