So here’s the latest “candid” photo of Tori Spelling and her husband Kevin Federline Junior out for a family walk and showing off a remarkably large baby bump. Remarkably large because just a month ago, she was somehow photographed in full maquillage working out kick boxing with her goldigger.

Compare and contrast.

Flat and taut and toned four weeks ago – the image was “dated” January 4th – and on February 1st, it’s supergrowth!!!

Now I’ve certainly gathered enough from all my friends who keep having kids that you get bigger faster the second time but this, to the totally ignorant childhating gossip columnist, seems extreme.

Oh and you heard that they’re shooting for another season of their reality tv show, right? Again documenting her pregnancy. Because the world has baby fever. And what better way to drum up ratings? By the way, these photos were taken by the same agency and acquired exclusively by

Coincidence or conspiracy?