First there was that assf-cked report that Robert Pattinson was lobbying to play Kurt Cobain. Now ABC is apparently developing a talk show featuring Tori Spelling and her “bff”, some random gay they’re still searching for who will bounce off her bones like Will & Grace styles.


And people would watch this... because why?

According to the LA Times, Tori’s potential show could replace a soap opera. See you later actors and writers. You’ve been ditched in favour of a homewrecking anorexic moron so that she can continue to service Kevin Federline Jr.

Motherhood whitewashing is alive and well. What’s up MiniVan Majority? You win again.

By the way – have you seen this photo taken in New York a few weeks ago while she was there with KFed Jr and the kids promoting her reality show? It has not been manipulated. THAT is really how skinny she is. And they just let her sit there, on their couches, without a challenge, fronting like she’s some kind of model citizen. I hate people.

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