Kevin Federline Jr has much to celebrate today. It has been confirmed that his wife Tori Spelling will reprise her role as Donna Martin in the new 90210 debuting this fall. Donna owns a swanky boutique in Beverly Hills. Given that Tori’s late father Aaron produced the original, it’s not surprising she’d be asked back for a piece of the return.

On a financial level however, since she was cut off by her scheming bitch of a mother from her inheritance, this is very good news. This means more income. This means money for that piece of sh*t philandering prick she decided to marry. This means he won’t leave her for someone richer.

And yes Junior… we are talking about you.

As you know, Junior and Tori are also expecting their second this summer. Junior just keeps cashing in. Well no wonder he looked a little chubb in the face the other day. Junior is living the life.

And wearing his profession across his chest.

He specialises in goldiggery. Haven’t you heard?

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