This hag has come out with her second book. Someone must be buying them. But WHO? Are you reading Tori f-cking Spelling? If you’re reading Tori Spelling, KFed Jr wants to thank you. Because he is living off the profits. After all, landing a bit part in a tv movie once every 2 years doesn’t pay all that much. And he certainly didn’t expect to be cut off from the Spelling estate when he left his old wife and children to spend the rest of his life trying not to vomit over and in his new wife’s face. Everyone has a price, right?

And now he has two kids, two paycheques to replace the others that were abandoned. You haven’t forgotten have you? It’s easy to forget, I totally understand. Especially when the Hollywood babies are dressed up so cute.

But remember, KFed Jr, just weeks before cheating with Tori, he and Mary Jo Eustace, they adopted a baby girl. His first daughter. A daughter he has since completely turned his back on and refused to parent.

A little reminder, just in case you were blinded by the gloss, or so horrified by her ugly you actually started to pity her.

Anyway, here they are at the book launch, hustling so hard because, judging from her body, Tori can’t afford to eat anymore.

Photos from FayesVision/