Now that the Original Federline has a job and a very lucrative custody settlement in the works, KFed Jr is desperate to get his hands on a piece of the action too. You’ll recall, before leaving his wife and two children, Junior called himself an actor. Still tries to call himself an actor though these days, you know him best as the golddigger with enough intestinal fortitude to marry Tori Spelling and the admirable shamelessness to actually tell people she’s his soulmate.

As you may have heard, Kevin Federline has just lined up a guest starring role on One Tree Hill alongside fellow douchebag Chad Michael Murray. But while his mentor is landing legitimate acting gigs, Junior continues to putter around his rental property pretending to be relevant, which is why the entire family, including his mother in law, pitched in to help a ‘Digger out! It’s the only way the cameras would care.

Here they are at the beach and there’s little Liam, so young but already being put to good use. Gotta give a ‘Digger his due: he never misses an opportunity.