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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 17, 2010 08:11:00 February 17, 2010 08:11:00

She’s already written two, or is it three?, best selling books. Now Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Tori Spelling will be releasing a children’s book called Presenting...Tallulah “the tale of a spunky little girl who is constantly told what not to do: not to wear jeans, not to get dirty.”

How about not to steal people’s husbands and take them away from their newborn babies?

And how is it that she’s a success in the publishing industry? The problem isn’t that she wants it, because of course she wants it. The problem is that people are buying it. WHO?

They probably haven’t read Katherine Graham’s Personal History but Tori-hood, or whatever her book is called, is on their bookshelfves. Great.

Here she is on Rachel Ray yesterday with Kevin Federline Jr. These are the assholes who will be informing your parenting. I hate people.

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