This has totally made my life.

KFed and his Junior are rockin’ the same ‘do! Junior copies his mentor yet again!

Sweet Xenu, has it been 2 weeks? 2 weeks since anyone’s cared about Tori Spelling and her husband Kevin Federline Jr?

Apparently they tried unsuccessfully several days ago to get “candidly” papped but no outlets ran the pics, which is perhaps why Junior decided to follow his master KFed who modeled the same cut at fashion week (see attached).

Junior showed off his cloned look last night after dinner with his bank account at Il Sole, one of Jennifer Aniston’s favourite restaurants.

And so let’s reward him with some attention, shall we? Junior is clearly paying respects to the Pimp King of Golddiggery Kevin Federline the Original, and even though Junior has had some success himself, it’s encouraging to know he still looks up to his namesake.

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