Tori Spelling is pregnant. And while I don’t know how that feels, the way she’s feeling right now, and do not intend to, I do know that if I had to be put in that position, I would never, ever, EVER pose with the dude’s hand on my belly.

YES, it’s a beautiful thing.

YES, it’s a happy thing.

But the cupping of it? The epidemic of pregnant belly cupping that is happening on celebrity carpets? It’s GROSS to me. It would be gross coming from the most gorgeous and iconic of couples, like the Brange, never mind how gross the move is when it’s performed by Tori Spelling and her husband Kevin Federline Junior.

By the way, I’ve just spent 15 minutes poring through pregnancy photos of the Jolie and I haven’t been able to find a shot of Brad Pitt pregnant belly cupping on a carpet. Why? Because they know it’s gross too!

Look, when you’re in your house, on your couch, or at your friend’s, at the bbq, whatever, wherever not on a red carpet with cameras all over, fine...

I just...

I mean do we need to see it on a carpet? It’s like a dick grab. We GET it. Your spunk made that happen. But does it need to be cupped on camera???

Attached – Tori Spelling and KFed Jr at the 29th Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Opening Night Gala.

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