Who do I love more? Eva Green, as you know, is my new girl grush. But then there"s Audrey...always Audrey. Check it out from the pages of French Elle - seriously, does it get any better? I went to a French school for a few years, with the exception of English, every subject was in French, all the teachers were French, and the headmaster was French, with students of French heritage, and all these French people, no matter if they were unattractive (some wildly so), all had that coveted distinct French pout, so beautifully illustrated here by Audrey Tautou. And the hair. If mine could grow like that, I"d do this in a second. As it were, we Asians, we"ve got the upward follicle issue, grows up and out when it"s short, doesn"t stay close to the scalp... I call it a genetic trade off: our skin might not age til our 60s but we have no eyelids and get porcupine head if we"re not careful. Which is why to me, Audrey Tautou is the definition of perfection. Love, love, love. Source