I think I’ve made it pretty clear here on this site how much I love Black-ish. It’s my favourite comedy. It takes up space that I don’t give out easily on the PVR. Jacek and I watch Black-ish together every week. He actually gets pissed if he’s out and I start it without him. There are times when I’ve been on flights and instead of watching new movies I’ll put on an episode of Black-ish that I’ve already seen before. And I still laugh. Really hard.

Black-ish is nominated for the first time this year at the Emmys in the Best Comedy category. Anthony Anderson has been nominated for Lead Actor Comedy and Tracee Ellis Ross too for Lead Actress Comedy. Anthony, Tracee, and showrunner Kenya Barris were all at the TCAs yesterday to promote the show along with the rest of the cast.

If you know the show, you’re probably aware that the Johnsons are pregnant and there will be a baby introduced in season 3. I can’t wait to find out what the name will be. Andre Jr, Zoey, Jack, and Diane… and? I can’t wait to see how Duana reacts to what the name will be, both as The Name Therapist and as a screenwriter herself who creates characters and names them all the time. Here’s another Duana angle to Black-ish: Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs is joining the cast as Bow’s brother. 

My point is…why aren’t you watching Black-ish? You have two months to catch up before the Emmys and the season premiere. What’s in it for you?

Well, Black-ish is, actually, for you. Even if you’re not black, although a reporter yesterday kinda tried to imply that during the panel. Here’s how it went down according to Variety

Barris appeared to grow frustrated when one reporter asked him what percentage of the show’s audience was black.

“It doesn’t matter who’s watching our show,” he said. “The fact is that they’re watching it. And I feel like every question at every panel … I get so tired of talking about diversity. These are amazing, talented actors and amazing writers who give their all and they don’t have to do this. It’s crowding the conversation.”

Star Tracee Ellis Ross, nominated in July for an Emmy for best comedy actress, turned the question back on the reporter, asking, “Is that a question that you’ve asked other shows that are not predominately of a certain color?”

“Not necessarily,” the reporter said.

“Those questions continue the conversation in a direction that does not help the conversation,” Ross added.

“Black-ish” was the fifth highest rated comedy on broadcast television last season, averaging a 2.4 rating among adults 18-49 in Nielsen live-plus-seven numbers. Barris later revealed that the series’ audience is majority white and 23% African-American.

“We always have to box everything in,” Barris said. “Isn’t it just a good family show? It’s specifically about a black family. We’re not denying that. But don’t you see yourself in it? Don’t you see your family in it? … Why is that important, who watched the show? Why does it matter? Why do we keep having to have these conversations?”

Also…it’s just really, really funny. And Marsai Martin is our future.