If you took yearbook-style snapshots of the night last night, Tracee Ellis Ross would be in the middle of all of them having a blast, like the most popular girl at school. She’s having a great time at this thing, her Ralph Lauren dress looks great and – and this is key – effortless, and she’s bringing Anthony Andersen along for the ride. I mean, look at the cuteness of this:


This guy right here! @AnthonyAnderson I adore you. No one is a bigger winner than you. #blackish #Emmys

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However, this is not the best. No, the best was during the PB&J sandwich gag, when Kimmel asks who has a gluten allergy, and she quickly, earnestly, puts up her hand. When he gets to the punchline a second later—that he wanted the world to see which of their favourite stars are annoying—she kills herself laughing. At herself.

Usually when I see someone actually acting like themselves in an artificial environment like this, I want to see more of them – but this is not a call to have her host or do anything other than what she’s doing. Entertainment reporters love to say things like “It’s Hollywood’s biggest party”, so it’s amazing how rarely we see people actually acting like it.