There’s a steadily growing swell of hype surrounding Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, which released its first trailer today (spurred on by a bootleg copy making the rounds after it debuted in front of Fifty Shades of Grey last night—when will studios learn that they cannot stop this from happening and just release trailers BEFORE they’re slated to premiere in theaters?). Del Toro always garners interest from nerds, and Crimson Peak is, in many ways, a return to his horror roots, but this movie also boasts a helluva cast with Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, and Charlie Hunnam. So there’s a lot of attention on this movie, and the trailer justifies it.

This is a beautiful looking production—there was a costume and prop display at Comic-Con last year that was stunning—and I LOVE the look of the creepy house. It looks like the perfect cross between Whipstaff Manor and Sirius Black’s house, so it’s basically my dream home. It has everything: Gothic staircases, inconvenient spiky bits, ghoulish attic, creepy dolls. There’s even a shrine-like family cemetery out back.

The house is occupied by Chastain and Hiddleston—in full black-haired weirdo mode—who brings home his new bride. It seems his sister is not best pleased about that. And maybe neither is the house since it seems to be attempting to kill her and/or drive her mad. And then Charlie Hunnam tries to rescue her? The trailer is not communicating much beyond this ultra metal house and the lavish production design, so it’s not exactly clear what’s going on beyond “creepy house is creepy”. Are the siblings banging each other? Or does Sister Chastain only wish they were banging? Who is Charlie Hunnam in relation to Hiddles and Chastain? Who cares—look at that ghost crawling out of the floor! WHEN CAN I MOVE IN?