I got nerd-yelled at on Twitter for referring to the robots in the Super Bowl TV spot for Transformers: Age of Extinction as robot dinosaurs and not by their proper name, the dinobots. But c’mon. Seriously. “Robot dinosaur” sounds so much better than “dinobot”. There’s no way to say “robot dinosaur” without sounding equal parts disbelieving and excited. It’s basically everything your inner child longs for. So robot dinosaurs it is.

This is our first look at the movie that really should be called Trans4mers, and it’s very…loud. The robot dinosaurs shrieking is loud. Mark Wahlberg yelling is loud. The girl-in-distress pleading for help is loud. Even the robotized Inception-like BRAAAAHMs are loud. Everything is loud, and the visuals are so busy it’s almost impossible to tell what’s happening. Except for the part where there are robot dinosaurs. That part is crystal clear. But otherwise it’s loud and visually obnoxious. So basically, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from a Michael Bay/Transformers movie.