What I did enjoy about the American Music Awards last night is how all the girls - Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry - seemed to enjoy hanging out with each other, shouting out each other, being goofy together. I also really like the way Taylor Swift sings the words to every one else’s songs. Made me wonder why we don’t see more of this from, say, Beyonce and Rihanna. Not that they’re not civil - they are - and they do certainly, like, offer the perfunctory pose together at events, but it doesn’t ever seem like it’s any fun, and it definitely doesn’t seem like when the cameras go away that they call each other and/or text message private jokes and generally behave the way these girls were behaving last night. It could be a simple age explanation - Selena and Taylor are children after all - but some would be inclined to think it’s natural competition. Or, smuttily, the Jay-Z factor.

Me I wonder if it’s more that they both only go by one name.

As for Katy - when I saw her getting silly with the others, I wondered to myself whether or not she was getting support from her friends during what could be a troubling time ...which comes with a lot of assumption in itself. Because right now it’s only a rumour. That things with Russell Brand are not good. That they’re not happy. That she may take a year off to work on their marriage. Or have a baby...to work on the marriage.

It was the emotion behind her performance. And the fact that she didn’t acknowledge him in her acceptance speech; he wasn’t there at all. And of course many of you noted that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring on stage.

She did however wear it on the carpet, non? She could have removed it to play the guitar, right? As for why he wasn’t with her - well, he had his own schedule to meet and besides, we’ve already discussed the significance of the American Music Awards. When Phoebe Price is allowed on the carpet at the American Music Awards, it’s not like it’s a key event on the calendar anymore, you know what I mean?

I just...

Don’t want to call it on these two.

I want them to be ok.

I want them to be able to get over their bumps. I don’t want to see it end after only a year. I want to believe she’s been gunning it for 4 years on her career, two back to back blockbuster albums, and having proved she’s no one-hit-wonder (would you have believed that in 2008?), she’s ready to slow down and regroup before coming back hard with new material. This is the explanation I prefer.