True Blood’s Main 3 were all present last night at the show’s fourth season premiere. Check out Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard on the carpet alongside almost the entire TB cast as HBO gets ready for one of its marquee shows, and one of its strongest performers.

Also attached – photos of the lovely Rutina Wesley who needs, desperately, for the writers to give her a better storyline; Sam Trammell and his pregnant girlfriend Missy Yager; Ryan Kwanten and Lindsay Pulsifer, one of my True Blood bright spots because, clearly, you’ve never met a more incompetent couple; the badass Nelsan Ellis whose witch and Jesus storyline will feature prominently; and the lovely Kristin Bauer whose chemistry with Skarsgard’s Eric is maybe the best on the show.

How is the show? Or, how will it be?

They sent over screeners for 3 episodes last week and I’ve only had time to watch the first. As I’ve mentioned on other occasions, I wasn’t hungry for True Blood during the hiatus and this was the challenge of 4-01: to give me back the taste for a show that, frankly, I didn’t miss for 9 months. They did. And it was good. And while I still have many questions about how certain things will hold, I am impatient to find time to watch 4-02. That’s not a bad sign, is it?

True Blood Season 4 premieres this coming Sunday, June 26 on HBO and HBO Canada.

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