Sounds like it’s coming.

The real vampires arrived in town for Comic-Con this weekend in time for a new episode that aired on HBO last night. Did you watch? Did you PVR? You are devoted, right? It’s the best, non?

Here’s the cast on the panel and Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alex Skarsgard out and about in San Diego and yes, Nelsan Ellis too, because he is so good, so electrifying, Alan Ball extended his time in Bon Temps despite the fact that he should have been terminated after Season 1.

What would True Blood be without Lafayette? What would True Blood be without the sexual tension between Sookie and Eric?

Two videos below. The first is Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly’s interview with the triangle: Paquin, Moyer, and Skarsgard.

Not a big fan of Bill Compton. Am a very big fan of Stephen Moyer and his English accent. SO MUCH HOTTER in real life.

The opposite, however, is true of Alex Skarsgard. Can’t put my finger on it but, from this clip, it’s turning me off. Don’t like the way he speaks. Something weird is happening with his mouth. Quiver killer.

The promo trailer is much less bothersome. In fact, it’s horny as f-ck. And it continues to play up the intrigue between Sookie and Eric, with a tease of Sookie in bed with someone who looks like a blonde (?) in addition to a hot scene between Jason and the bible lady, and finally a glimpse of Evan Rachel Wood.

We’re almost half way through Season 2. And it looks like it’ll build and build and build. Sigh. Suicide in September. When we have to wait another 8 f-cking months.


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