The cast of True Blood was featured at PaleyFest 2011 the other day with details, sort of, about what to expect next season. If you’ve been joining the TV LiveBlog with Duana on Thursdays, you’ll note my comment last week about True Blood – that I watch while it’s on, but that once it’s over, I actually don’t miss it. Not the way I miss(ed) Friday Night Lights, not the way I miss Boardwalk Empire, not the way I miss Nurse Jackie, not the way I miss my favourites.

I suppose though that that’s not the show’s intent. And if it is…well… maybe not doing such a good job on that front?

Anyway, Alan Ball and the cast were rather forthcoming about what’s to come of Sookie and her friends during the panel discussion. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sookie and Bill won’t be together. Not for a long, long time. Now THAT is a great way to get me interested in the show again. Sookie and Alcide might be a thing, but there’s still Eric to contend with even though he’s lost himself and needs help. Literally. Something about amnesia. Suppressing a giant eyeroll now. And you know, the baby storyline with Arlene and the devil child… please can we move the f-ck on?

Stop being such a negative bitch.


You need more? TV|Line has the scoop.

Here’s my favourite part about all the advance info:

Godric. There will be Godric.

Oh and Lafayette and Jesus. Yum. Maybe they can replace Arlene and Terry. Like, who cares???

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