Until True Blood Season 2.

The premiere screening took place last night in LA, most of the cast in attendance.

Of course Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer – she has the most underrated, cute little body, non? – and Sam Trammell too. I vacillated all through the first season: Bill or Sam?

Also Ryan Kwanten otherwise known as the endearingly stupid Jason Stackhouse who, um, appears to be much more attractive in character. And, yes, Alexander Skarsgard. I like his hair so much better in real life.

There’s a little Canadian film called How She Move. It’s the first time I saw Rutina Wesley. She is the sh-t when she dances. And… my favourite…

LaFayette. Played by Nelsan Ellis.

Have tried to include as many photos as possible.

It hurts a little to write about True Blood so much. Because like I explained with Kings of Leon, some things you just want to keep to yourself.

But we are at war. We are at war with people. The JK8 people. And the Speidi people. And the Dancing with the Sh-ts people.

So True Blood must be shared.

Season Two premieres on Sunday on HBO in Canada and the US. Season One is on DVD now.


Photos from Wenn.com